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INTERIOR & EXTERIOR Stone Staircases

Experience the elegance, beauty and durability of bespoke natural stone staircases. Whether you need to design a staircase for your home’s interior or exterior. Our experts can help you choose the right material and design to ensure your staircase is one-of-a-kind. We work with you to provide bespoke and unique designs that bring out the best of your home. We guarantee the highest quality and craftsmanship in all our natural stone staircases. Let us help you design the perfect staircase that will last for years. With various materials like marble, granite, quartzite, limestone, and slate, each cut of stone provides a unique and dynamic look that fits your current room style.

marble stairs
marble grey fireplace


Stone fireplaces provide a beautiful and luxurious aesthetic that will elevate the look of any home. Whether you have a clear vision of what you want, or need help deciding on the right design, our team is here to help. Our experienced team of craftsmen will guide you helping you create the perfect bespoke stone fireplace for your home. We use the highest quality materials and with our exceptional skills create stunning stone fireplaces that look beautiful and last a lifetime. Each fireplace is unique and crafted with care.

Natural Stone Window Sills

Transform your home with bespoke natural stone window sills from Aura Quality Stone.
Experience extraordinary, luxury, and practicality with natural stone window sills. In both interior and exterior settings, natural stone is a popular choice for window sills.
Our exquisite range of natural stone options add an element of luxury and practicality to your interior or exterior. With easy-to-clean surfaces and no mould or dirt accumulation, our windowsills provide unparalleled style. Discover the perfect natural stone windowsill for your home today. Aura Quality Stone provides a range of natural stone options that will give your home a luxurious feel.

white quartz sill

Natural Stone Bathroom Worktops

Granite Bathroom Worktops

Make your bathroom a masterpiece with granite bathroom worktops. Aura Quality Stone offers a vast range of colours and designs to choose from. With ease of care and low maintenance, granite bathroom worktops are an excellent choice for your home.

Marble Bathroom Worktops

Granite is an igneous rock made up of various minerals, including quartz, plagioclase, and feldspar. It is incredibly durable and hard due to its formation from magma within the earth. Granite comes in a variety of colours and can even have the appearance of marble, complete with veins and clouds, no 2 pieces are ever the same and granite kitchen worktops crafted will bring a unique, beautiful aesthetic to any kitchen

Quartz Bathroom Worktops

Transform your bathroom with the right quartz worktop. Quartz bathroom worktops are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. Aura Quality Stone offers a wide selection of quartz worktops that provide durability and style. Let our team show you how quartz bathroom worktops can be a perfect fit.